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Here at Absolute Roofcare we are able to provide an emergency call out service to handle any urgent roofing problems that require immediate attention to residential or commercial type properties. We can help you with any emergency roofing repairs that you require.

We are well aware that there are many causes when an emergency roofing repair can be needed. From adverse weather conditions, water damage, fire, vandalism or structural failure, Absolute Roofcare can provide you with a quick, friendly and professional quote for emergency roof repair services in the West Midlands.

Lead roof theft

Lead Roof Theft - Emergency Roof Repairs Birmingham Absolute Roofcare

Acrypol+ Repairs

Acrypol+ - Emergency Roof Repairs Birmingham Absolute Roofcare

Emergency Sheeting

Emergency sheeting repairs - Emergency Roof Repairs Birmingham Absolute Roofcare

Over the years there has been a significant increase in the theft of lead throughout the West Midlands. We often find that when residential/commercial property owners notice a leaking roof, the first that they are aware of any form of theft is when they are informed by the roofing contractor that the lead is missing or it’s gone. In the event of theft we advise the customer to contact the relevant authorities and advise them that an act of theft has occurred. A crime reference number is issued, which will assist the victim in making contact with their Insurance Company.

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Acrypol+ is an acrylic resin formed with fibres developed to prolong the life expectancy of failed industrial, commercial or domestic roofs. Applied by brush as a semi liquid paste, it dries to form a very strong, seamless flexible overlay. Acrypol+ can be applied during damp conditions it is also available in two standard colours, solar white and medium grey.

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In storms and strong winds a roof may need covering with a tarpaulin sheet, which is a temporary measure to limit the amount of water ingress.

This is fixed down to cover the area that has become damaged.

When the weather has eased the tarpaulin is removed and remedial roofing repairs are carried out.