Chimney Repairs In Acocks Green

Save on the cost of repairing your chimney


Storms and strong winds can cause damaged to your chimneys, which are at the highest point of your property. If your chimneys are leaking, or showing signs of decay contact Acocks Green emergency roofers today. We provide chimney repairs, rebuilding, chimney pot refitting, chimney removal, repairs to worn lead flashings and chimney re-pointing.

Any roof, regardless of material, size or style, requires some maintenance and regular checks, especially after severe weather. Irregularities could result in leaks, causing damage not only to your roof, but also to the interior of your home. The sooner you address a fault, the cheaper the repairs are likely to be, so why live with a leaky or damaged roof when professional roofers are standing by to fix the problem?

Chimney Flaunching
Chimney pots become unstable when the flaunching decays, posing a hazard to
The flaunching is the mortar that holds the chimney pots in place and also protects the top of the stack from the elements, frost can cause cracks in the flaunching.
Absolute Roofcare can replace the flaunching and secure the pots, or replace them too if they have sustained damage.





Chimney repointing is needed when the internal breast of the chimney becomes porous and the mortar begins to perish. By repointing the chimney you are not only preventing water ingress but are preventing any movement in the bricks.

Chimney stacks should be checked often for any problems. A chimney in poor condition can cause a number of different issues from damp in the rooms below, to water ingress. An unstable chimney is a danger to the passers-by. In most circumstances it is more economical to remove a stack that isn’t been used altogether rather than to repair or regularly maintain a structually unsound chimneystack.


Chimney Pointing
Chimney Removal

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